Creator of the Oracle Air Force

Architect of destruction of siebel

Giving Akamai nightmares in the miami airport

BIGFIX attacks everyone, gets acquired by IBM

Billboard outside Oracle, Intralinks acquired by a private equity firm that then does an ipo

$7,000 billboard outside general motors HQ gets kidz magazine into saturn as well as Ford and Toyota

rFactr's tactical nuke on the WSJ's front page

Vantive acquired by PeopleSoft who was then acquired by Oracle

Forté acquired by Sun who was then acquired by Oracle

Control what comes into your home

Hacking Silicon Valley

Hijacking the WSJ OSCAR issue acquired by Oracle

Okay, I don't hit a home run every time at bat

Some projects are a labor of love

Becoming the #1 force in education

oracle and hp saw this wsj ad and invested

Guess where Apple got the Face Time name?

The greatest program license agreement ever

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